Language is divided into four outcomes:

Listening and Talking

Language is at the heart of children’s learning and has an essential role across the curriculum.

In primary 1 the children are introduced to phonics through the Jolly Phonics scheme. This is a fun way for the children to learn about the sounds letters make and how letters are put together to make words.

Through our reading schemes we aim to ensure the children understand what they read, develop an enthusiasm for reading and use their reading for research purposes.

The children will learn to write for a variety of purposes -imaginative, functional, personal and the ‘writer’s craft’, so that their written expression is confident, no matter what the context.

There are many opportunities for listening and talking individually and in groups in a variety of contexts. Inverclyde’s Talking Round Corners resource is used. Experience in justifying, explaining, describing and persuading is essential for present day living.

Our core language texts are:

Jolly Phonics
New Ginn Reading 360
Selected Novel Studies P.4 – P.7
Nelson English Grammar: P.3 - P.7
New Treasury: P.3 –P.7
Nelson Handwriting: P.1 - P.7
Nelson Thorne Spelling Scheme : P.3 - P.7

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