Religious and Moral Education

The religious education of the school is very closely linked with that of the Parish of St Francis. Father Joe visits the school on a regular basis and class Masses and celebrations take place several times during the session according to the Liturgical Year and the Religious Education Programme.
The children also walk over to the church in the summer term to participate in parish Masses and services.

In accordance with the wishes of the Diocese of Paisley, during session 2011-2012 we will be introducing This Is Our Faith. This programme will cover doctrine, study of the Old and New Testament, the importance of prayers and hymns, the preparation for, and the reception of the Sacraments, God's love for mankind, the relevance of His presence in our lives, how it should affect our service to Him and to others as members of His family.

Imparting the knowledge of our faith is only one aspect of religious education and we are dependent on parents to ensure that their children have the opportunity, encouragement and, most of all, the example they need to practise their faith and observe God's laws.

As St Francis is a Roman Catholic School, we expect that parents who elect to send their children here, wish them to attend all religious instruction and join in all the observances which are part of our faith and tradition. However, parents who wish to exercise their right to withdraw their children from such instruction are asked to put their requests in writing to the head teacher, bearing in mind that religious and moral education is not confined to the daily religious instruction period but is present in the daily life and running of our Catholic schools.

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